PIET Grandeux, Antwerp

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PIET home, Ghent
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 94
Ghent (BE)

PIET hippoliet, Ghent
Hippoliet Lippensplein 22
Ghent (BE)

PIET grandeux, Antwerp
Graanmarkt 2
Antwerp (BE)

+32(0)9 278 69 78


Sophisticated and elegant, with a sparkling touch!

Christophe Verbeke

Besides interior items to feast your eyes on, the new experience shop also has a restaurant/appetiser bar to satisfy the real hunger. They entered into a partnership with catering partner Grandeux, a fingerlicking good food-sharing concept. PIET moodshops is responsible for the entire interior design of Grandeux: you can buy all the furniture, napkins, glasses, crockery, etc. in the shop as well.

Come in and be amazed by the grandeur of this impressive building. Housed in an old bank, the architecture of this shop will overwhelm you. Add breathtaking design items and a unique range of furniture, dressed with jungle plants and silk flowers, and you have a moment of pure wonder.

PIET grandeux is the new shop of Christophe Verbeke.
Why a new moodshop?
After opening our first shop in Ghent eight years ago, we made the move to the city of Schelde in 2020. We moved into a fantastic location on the Graanmarkt. "The urge to open a shop in Antwerp was born two years ago," says manager Christophe Verbeke. "When I saw the premises at De Graanmarkt, it was love at first sight. Like all our shops, this one has its own atmosphere.

Christophe is the initiator of PIET Moodshop and not only has taste, he is also an entrepreneur and that goes well! Besides 2 shops in Ghent, he recently opened a beautiful new shop in Antwerp. Of course all shops carry items from Vij5 , but Christophe knows our collection very well and can also advise you on pieces that are not available in the shop.

Arjan & Anieke


A Vij5 Ambassador is, just like us, a big fan of the Vij5 collection. It is not just a point of sale, but a shop that knows just a little bit more about our products. There is always someone present as a point of contact who can tell you everything about the Vij5 collection!

Vij5 Ambassadors are specialists in e.g. our lighting, furniture and/or accessories and will gladly provide you with advice. There is a nice selection of products from our collection in the shop. When an item is not in stock in the store an Ambassador can always order it for you.

Other outlets

The Vij5 collection is available through various sales points at home and abroad, both online and offline.