Designers Nathan Wierink (1979) and Tineke Beunders (1982) both graduated cum laude from the Design Academy in 2008. They work together under the name ‘Ontwerpduo’.

The fantastic world of Ontwerpduo stems from the collaboration and chemistry between Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink. Tineke likes to imagine things slightly differently from what they are and fantasizes about new functions for them without worrying too much about whether they are practical or technically feasible. They are often things that seem impossible at first sight – until Nathan enters the arena. He sets to work in a workshop that looks a lot like a laboratory. And when he emerges from it, Tineke’s ideas turn out to be feasible after all. And then the whole process can start all over again.

Vij5 and Ontwerpduo met in 2009 where they have been opposite neighbours for a few years in their workplace (the Yard) in a formal factory hall at Strijp-T in Eindhoven.