Arjan van Raadshooven & Anieke Branderhorst

The founders of Vij5 are the Dutch designers and entrepreneurs Arjan van Raadshooven and Anieke Branderhorst. Together they design the basis of the product collection but also curate the other products which are selected for the label. In this, Vij5 actively seeks collaboration with other young designers to expand their collection. The distribution of the finished products is arranged by Arjan and Anieke, after they complete the design and investigate manufacturing possibilities together with the designers. With this they are looking for designs that suit their own signature.

Arjan (1981) studied ‘Architecture’ at the TU/e and Anieke (1982) studied at the ‘Man & Identity’ and ‘Man & Communication’ departments of the Design Academy Eindhoven. They started design label Vij5 directly after they graduated in 2006, to create possibilities for bringing their own designs to the market.

Arjan and Anieke are convinced that collaborating is important. In fact; it is one of the basic principles of Vij5, visible in the growing amount of collaborations with other young designers.



Jolijn Fiddelaers

Jolijn Fiddelaers (1979) is a passionate initiator, creator and entrepreneur. In 2002 she graduated at the Academy of Arts & Design in Maastricht and since then she has worked as an academic teacher and industrial textile … Read More

Jeroen Wand

To create a product one needs a concrete production method, which includes two ingredients: a material and a technique. Without a material there’s nothing to put into fabrication. And without a technique a material solely remains … Read More

studio Mieke Meijer

Studio Mieke Meijer is a Dutch design studio run by Mieke Meijer and Roy Letterlé. A constructive form language, clean lines and industrial details contribute to a strong, recognizable signature. The designs of Studio Mieke Meijer are … Read More

Bas van Raay

Bas van Raay (1981) graduated in 2007 from the Design Academy in Eindhoven at the department ‘man and public space’, and studied at the department ‘man and well being’ before. He did his internship at k&h … Read More

Caroline Olsson and Ida Noemi

Caroline Olsson and Ida Noemi both have a Master’s Degree in Design and have their own separate studios in Oslo, Norway. For the product Epaulette Caroline and Ida were invited to exhibit with the Norwegian exhibition ‘Tingenes … Read More

Reinhard Dienes

The German designer Reinhard Dienes has his studio in Frankfurt. He teaches at the Academy of Arts and Design in Offenbach am Main where he also graduated in 2008 in the department of Industrial Design. He has his … Read More


Bram Burger (1984) and Stijn van der Vleuten (1985), both graduates from the Design Academy Eindhoven, work as freelance designers on projects varying from (temporary) interiors to fairs and events. PRODUCTS IN THE Vij5 COLLECTION


rENs consists of Renee Mennen (1984) & Stefanie van Keijsteren (1985), they work together since 2008. The main motive of their working together, is the friendship in which their pertness, impulsiveness, and passion come together. In … Read More

Daphna Laurens

Daphna Laurens design studio is founded in Eindhoven in 2008 by Daphna Isaacs (1982) and Laurens Manders (1984), both of whom graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2006 and 2008. The studio’s stylistic research … Read More

Koen Devos

Koen Devos is passionate by the simplicity of objects in which he searches for big and unexpected surprises. Koen graduated in 2004 as product developer in Antwerp. It is his father who introduced him in the … Read More

Baas & Kleinbloesem

Designers Thomas Baas (1982) and Anne Kleinbloesem (1984) both graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven. They work together under the name Baas & Kleinbloesem already for 8 years. They have their own interior design studio in Eindhoven and … Read More

Maarten Baptist

Maarten (1976) graduated the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2002 at the department Man & Living. Maarten develops icons for day-to-day activities, each with an elegant sense of presence. Often a tiny detail will be off-key, making … Read More

David Derksen

Nature, and especially the principles and processes that are found in nature are David Derksen’s main sources of inspiration. This results in a strong focus on materials, how they behave and how they can be constructed. … Read More

Michael Funch

Michael Funch (1990) graduated the Design Academy Eindhoven in December 2014 at the department Man and Activity. We met Michael during his study, as he worked as an intern for Vij5. His designs are simple and … Read More

Max Lipsey

Max Lipsey is a designer from the US currently working in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. After an intellectually based education in the US, Max has been delving into a more intuitive, hands on way of working. His … Read More

Floris Hovers

Floris Hovers (1976) graduated in 2004 at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the ‘Atelier’ department and started his own studio in 2006. A basic, simple approach to techniques and materials are important for Floris to communicate his … Read More

Breg Hanssen

Breg is part of the designteam of the first product collection for the project NewspaperWood. Breg Hanssen graduated the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2003. He designs and realizes furniture to the most specific needs. Key element … Read More

Alissa + Nienke

Alissa + Nienke is a collaboration of Alissa van Asseldonk and Nienke Bongers, two exploratory designers who joined forces after having met at Design Academy Eindhoven. Their focus lies on experimenting with the properties of materials … Read More

Léon de Lange

Léon de Lange is de ontwerper van de Dashed Light welke wij voor het eerst zagen op de Dutch Design Week in 2010. Later kwamen we ze weer tegen bij één van onze leveranciers die ook … Read More


Designers Nathan Wierink (1979) and Tineke Beunders (1982) both graduated cum laude from the Design Academy in 2008. They work together under the name ‘Ontwerpduo’. The fantastic world of Ontwerpduo stems from the collaboration and chemistry … Read More