Vij5 NewspaperWood colours

NewspaperWood in Vij5 colours
A coloured NewspaperWood project for Milan 2014

One of the most recent experiments involves the colour of the basic material of which NewspaperWood is created. For this project we collected several coloured newspapers as a starting point and got in contact with four different newspapers who are willing to support our project:

- Eindhovens Dagblad (normal NewspaperWood)

- La Gazetta della Sport

- Italia Oggi

- Asharq Al-Awsat

- Financial Times

This experiment shows that all over the world residual material is available in various colours, transferring its own unique identity onto our material.

Through this, Vij5 introduces a new colour palette for special editions of the products Framed, Tabloid Tables and Sample Series. By using the coloured NewspaperWood as a starting point and colouring the supporting materials, this intervention creates an interesting visual impact.